5 TIPS on HOW TO fulfill our DREAMS and POTENTIALS, to become MASTERS of our life.

5 TIPS on HOW TO fulfill our

DREAMS and potentials, to

become MASTERS of our life.

#1- Change the diet. Eat organic and fresh food as much is possible. What we eat creates our blood cells which strengthen
or weaken our organs and all the other parts of our body. Our diet alters the mind and the emotions.  
#2- Work with our thought and what we focus our mind on.
If we focus on negative thoughts or assumptions and dwell on it, will influence negatively our life. So constantly taking control of our thoughts and direct them in a positive direction, helps to re-channel unwanted habits into more positive way of life.
#3- Learn to relax. Stress and tension blocks the free flow of energy in our body. Deep and slow breaths help relax the mind and the body; 10 minutes of meditation calms the busy mind.
#4- Keep physically active. Exercise, dance, gardening, engage in hobby in whatever you prefer to do. The more energy we create and circulate, less stagnation there is in our life.
#5- Have gratefulness and be thankful for all that we have been given. Observe all the hardship and difficulties or rejections as opportunities for self-reflection and growth.
All of these points are interrelated.
working on all these points will have a tremendously positive effect in all aspects of our life and will make permanent changes for the better.