In this bookstore I am selling my book through Amazon in paperback and digital formats, as well as in English and Italian. Also, I have recommendations for other books that I consider interesting and helpful for your journey into self-healing.






I found Rosanna Martella’s book to be not only informative but an inspirational work of art. By sharing her search for an alternative cure for her neurological disorder, she introduces the reader to the healing power of good nutrition. Many pursue traditional medicinal cures for their many ailments, but Ms. Martella researched diligently to remedy her disorder naturally and triumphed in attaining that goal. Her journey is simplistically stated and easily followed in the book. Highly recommended for anyone searching for answers to achieving  and maintaining good health.
–Amelia Vittese

This woman, Rosanna Martella has made the study of Macrobiotic Diet her life ‘s mission. Her whole heart and sole lies in proving that proper diet is the cure for most diseases. It is one of the best books I have read re proper diet replacing drugs for future cures
–Mary Enright

The book was most helpful in understanding how important foods are to our bodies. The recipes are most helpful in allowing one to get started with a healthier lifestyle.
–Robert J. Dougherty

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