Rosanna and James

My late husband (James) and I were drawn together by the interests we shared.    Hopefully, you will also be interested in our discussions found in the newsletters on this website. Our philosophy is a blend of mysticism, practical experience and the study of alternative healing arts.  Within these newsletters we freely quote from any source that has inspired them. You (our friends and subscribers) are invited to join the discussions located on this website and contribute articles to be used in these newsletters.

I began my interest in macrobiotic cooking when I was diagnosed as epileptic and put on medication to control seizures.  Since mastering the art, I have been free of seizures and all medication (for about fifteen years) and have contributed to the health of countless people for whom I have cooked. I have since continued my studies and am now a Macrobiotic Consultant, a student of Denny Waxman, and have also become an expert in Shiatsu Massage.

James first encountered the macrobiotic lifestyle when a viewer (Mariam Nour, herself a Master of the Macrobiotic arts) called about a show he had produced for television on the subject of Universal Sufism.  James was drawn to the classical Sufi literature of Rumi, Hafiz, Attar and others and happily discovered the interpretation of Hazrat Inayat Khan about 30 years ago.

This website is dedicated in memory of my late husband, James McCaig. He was a loving man with a huge heart. He is missed dearly by all that knew him. Many of the pages that James designed and created have been preserved so that he did not labor in vain. Most of his work can be seen in our newsletter archives and Sufism sections.

Writings by James:

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