Reviews about Rosanna

“Traditional medicine has a tendency to treat the issue but never addresses the root cause. Rosanna lives a macrobiotic lifestyle and she helped me overcome gallbladder issues, as well as many other skin and digestive issues through non-traditional healing modalities. I always find her as an amazing resource.”

–Amel Hammad

“I am grateful that Rosanna is here. Her cooking has been a great help to me physically and emotionally.
Asthma, bronchitis, mucus, I only have one lung working do to severe sclerosis.
Artritis in joints, possible gout in toes.
Varicose veins, bloating, low blood sugar, hypoglycemia!
I love Rosanna”

–Patty Oliver

“I had lower back problems and Rosanna gave me 4 initial treatments in a month which was able to relieve the back pain significantly.

Along the way she also gave me good advice on proper diet and general well-being. Thank you Rosanna.”

–Brett F